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Why Socializing Matters So Much for Seniors

Isolation and the sense of loneliness can have serious impacts on seniors. Studies conducted by the National Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of Health as well as the reports of the Administration on Aging and the Administration for Community Living of the US Department of Health and Human Services have repeatedly highlighted that being socially isolated can be harmful to an individual as they grow older. Being cut off from family, friends, and the community that they were a part of for years can seriously affect the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of seniors. Some of the most common medical conditions that can result because of isolation include depression, anxiety, diabetes, weakened immune system, cardiac diseases, obesity, high blood pressure, and cognitive decline. It is seen that socially isolated seniors usually have a much shorter lifespan when compared to their peers who stay connected with their friends and family. Therefore, if you have an older adult in your family who is at risk of social isolation because of their age or poor health condition, then you should take all steps possible to prevent it. Below are some simple ways to overcome social isolation in seniors. Have More Transportation Options Lack of transportation services is one of the most commonly cited factors that make seniors feel disconnected from their friends and community. Your elderly family member may not be able to drive as confidently as they used to. You may have scheduled transportation services for their regular visits to […]

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Understanding the Difference Between Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

There are numerous senior care options these days, which may make it a bit confusing for families to choose the best one for their elderly family member. However, it is very important to understand the difference between the various types of senior care so that your loved one can get the right services for their requirements. Below is a quick look at two of the most common options in senior care these days – assisted living and nursing homes. Assisted Living Most people who have not navigated through senior care options may presume that assisted living is just an upscale version of a nursing home. However, there are many things that differentiate an assisted living facility from a nursing home. Simply put, assisted living communities are a type of senior housing option, in which professional caregivers offer all kinds of personal assistance to the residents. At the same time, assisted living allows seniors to live their independent lives in a private apartment. Assisted living facilities have caregivers at the site round-the-clock to provide help with medications, meals, housekeeping, daily hygiene, personal care, etc. Apart from that, assisted living communities also offer many other services and amenities, such as transportation services for visits to the dentist/doctor, wellness programs, healthy diet plans, and recreational activities. The most prominent part of an assisted living community is that it allows seniors to socialize with other people and stay physically and mentally active. Many assisted living facilities organize activities and events for their senior residents […]

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How to Stay Active During the Winter

The cold climate during the winter can make it difficult for seniors to spend time outdoors. As that can lead to isolation and boredom, it is important for seniors to stay active and keep the body and mind refreshed. Besides, following a regular exercise schedule is vital to maintain the overall quality of health in seniors. Assisted living facilities services should be able to keep seniors active and entertained while maintaining a balanced exercise routine for aging bodies. The National Institute of Aging recommends seniors to include at least half-an-hour of physical activity in their daily routine. It does not have to be a strenuous workout session; a simple stretching exercise can also help. So if winter is making you stay indoors, make sure to follow the below simple activities to stay fit and active.  Dancing This is one of the simplest exercise routines to follow. Dancing is known to improve flexibility, boost energy levels, stimulate mood, and enhance sleep quality. In short, dancing can help to keep your body as well as brain hale and hearty. You just need to find a good spot to dance and some good music to move your body. Dancing can also give you a sense of achievement while improving posture and boosting bone strength. You can go for any form of dancing, and even try it with a partner. Start with slow movements and never push to a point where you feel any kind of pain. Remember to warm up and stretch before […]

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How Assisted Living Communities Can Help in Treating Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the main health problems that affect the overall quality of life in seniors. Reports say that around 17 million seniors in the US have arthritis. However, seniors are not the only victims of arthritis; it can happen to anyone and at any age. In fact, the Arthritis Foundation says that there are around 300,000 children living with arthritis in the US. Genetics, physical injury, and body weight also play a key role in causing the disease. Still, the most common types of arthritis are more likely to develop with age. Osteoarthritis is the most prevalent type of arthritis, which is seen usually in people above the age of 65. It happens because of the breakdown of cartilages in the joints, which causes the bones to rub against each other. This causes pain and inflammation in the joints when walking, jogging, climbing stairs, or standing for long hours. It can also lead to weak posture and balance problems. Seniors with osteoarthritis may experience trouble sleeping. How Assisted Living Communities Can Help Seniors with Arthritis Senior living communities have trained professionals at the site to help residents manage their day-to-day chores easily. This includes helping them with medication administration as required, managing their hygiene needs, and proving nutritious meals as per their health. Assisted living communities offer wellness and exercise programs as well, which are designed specifically to alleviate muscle and joint pain in arthritis patients. This can help to improve the overall health of seniors in assisted […]

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Comparing Assisted Living vs. In-Home Senior Care

There are a lot of options for senior care these days, which makes it even more difficult to choose the right care facility for yourself or a family member. Yet often, it boils down to whether to go for in-home care or move to a trusted assisted living facility. Below is a quick comparison of the two, which will help you to make an informed decision. In-Home Care In-home care is the choice that most families make, when possible. In this form of senior care, care is provided to the seniors in their own homes. Normally, a home care nurse or hospice care personnel will be hired to take care of the needs of the senior. This could include helping with taking medications and performing other daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, cooking, cleaning, etc. However, choosing the caregiver depends upon the specific needs of the senior. For instance, if they require more medical assistance, a skilled nurse will be a better option than palliative care personnel. Assisted Living Assisted living offers all the services that seniors can get from in-home caregivers, but the difference is that seniors will have to move to the assisted care facility. This can be a good option for those who live alone, as assisted living communities provide a host of options to socialize with others and stay mentally and physically active. Assisted living facilities also offer specialized meal plans for seniors who have specific dietary requirements. Besides, they also ensure the living condition is […]

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How Assisted Living Communities Enhance the Quality of Life for Seniors

Assisted living can help improve the standard of health, comfort, happiness, and overall quality of life for seniors in many ways. In fact, moving to an assisted living facility can help to achieve peace of mind for both seniors and their families. Well-trained professionals at assisted living communities support seniors in all their daily errands that they need help with. Be it taking their medications, dressing, bathing, or any other personal needs, the staff members at the senior care facilities will offer compassionate care to their residents. This way, seniors can live a relaxed and comfortable life. At the same time, it makes the family members feel contented too, knowing that their loved ones are being cared for in the best way possible. Aside from offering help with daily chores, assisted living facilities can also provide customized care according to the specific requirements of their residents. This can be a great benefit for seniors who have health conditions such as kidney and bladder problems, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease. Assisted living communities also offer meal plans based on the dietary requirements and health of seniors. This further assures that they remain hale and hearty and enjoy their stay at the assisted living care facility. Below are some more ways in which assisted living care services can improve the quality of life for seniors. They Offer More Options to Socialize The feeling of isolation can be devastating for seniors. When the time to move away from their family home draws near, most […]

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Tips to Manage Holiday Loneliness in Seniors

Holidays can amplify feelings of loneliness and isolation in seniors. Although staying in assisted living facilities can offer great opportunities to remain socially active and enjoy the holidays with new friends, it often sparks memories in seniors when the holiday season arrives. Remembering the days when they spent quality time with loved ones can make seniors feel depressed and alone. Therefore, it is essential to help them feel happy and contented during the holidays. Below are a few tips that will help you to manage holiday melancholy with your senior family members. Get a Holiday Gift A special gift for your elder parent or grandparent living in an assisted care facility can be a wonderful reminder that they are loved. It can be as simple as a Christmas cake, a music player loaded with their favorite songs, or an iPad to help them stay connected with you when you are away. If your elderly family member is living in a far-away assisted living community and you cannot visit them in person, make use of technology to communicate with them. If possible, a casual visit to the assisted living community during the holidays will be the best way to lift their mood. That way, you can help them decorate their room and make them feel special. Follow the Holiday Traditions If a senior visited religious services regularly before moving to a senior care facility, it can invoke a deep sense of loss to them during the holidays. So if possible, take […]

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FAQs About Financing Senior Living

Senior living options have evolved greatly in the past decade, and the payment and financing methods have changed as well. In fact, the senior living industry is rapidly changing every year. These changes mean you may need a refresher on the financing options available for elder care. This way, you can ensure that your loved one gets all the services they need in the right senior living facility without causing undue financial burden on you. Below are some of the commonly asked questions about senior living financing. What Options Do I Have to Pay for Senior Living? You can easily pay for assisted living by applying for a bridge loan. Such a short-term loan will be very beneficial if you are planning to sell your loved one’s house. You can also seek the assistance of senior living relocation specialists and sell the property when your senior family member is ready to move to an assisted living community. If you are not planning to sell the home, then the best option will be to rent it. You can cover the expenses of senior living using monthly rental payments. If a senior is eligible for a Veteran’s Administration pension, then they may receive benefits from the VA to pay for senior living as well. You can contact the regional office of the US Department of Veterans Affairs to see if their Aid and Attendance Program covers the expenses of assisted living for your loved one. Is it Possible to Use Life Insurance […]

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Best Activities for a Visit to an Assisted Living Facility

The move to an assisted living community can be tough for seniors. Often, the impact of leaving their home and moving to a new environment can affect their overall mental and physical well-being. That is why it is important to make the transition period as smooth as possible. One of the crucial things to do in order to make the move easier is to visit the assisted living facility regularly. You will need to create a new routine around your work hours and other commitments to spend some time with your elderly loved one in the senior living community. Apart from that, you should also try to make each visit special for your senior family member as they adjust to the new environment. Below are some simple activities that can help to make your time with your senior loved one at the assisted living facility more special.  Do Crafts Together Doing crafts is a simple but fun and engaging activity that can help you spend some quality time together with your elderly loved one. You can find many ideas for senior-friendly crafts online, which allow you to create something beautiful together. This can especially be a great activity during the holidays or celebrating a particular day, like an anniversary or birthday. Play a Board Game Board games can keep seniors mentally active while keeping it fun. You can even ask the neighbors or new friends of your elderly family member in the assisted living facility to join in and have […]

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