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The Benefits of Hospice Care in an Assisted Living Community

Hospice care is a type of senior care that is designed for people who have an incurable health condition. As per the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, “Hospice is defined as a model of care that emphasizes compassion and values quality of life for those facing life-limiting illness or injury. Hospice is unique in that it uses a team-oriented approach to provide quality medical care and pain management, as well as emotional and spiritual support specific to each patient.” Hospice care aims to help seniors with managing their symptoms and live their remaining days with dignity. Most people associate hospice care with providing care at the home. Yet seniors can also benefit from hospice care services at an assisted living community. In fact, it is reported that around one-third of assisted living residents receive hospice care in their community. The caregivers take the necessary steps to provide additional care when a senior resident at the assisted living facility becomes terminally ill. Hospice care is covered by Medicare and most of the health insurance policies, so it usually does not incur any additional expenses. Sometimes, assisted living facilities collaborate with a specialized hospice care provider to make sure that their residents receive quality care in the community during their last months of life. It is seen that the early adoption of hospice care at an assisted living facility can help seniors in many ways. Hospice healthcare professionals can help seniors as well as their family members to prioritize their goals […]

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Understanding Potential Signs of Dementia in Senior Citizens

It is normal for senior citizens to start forgetting things occasionally due to the age-related changes in the body. However, if the instances of memory loss are more frequent or become quite severe, then it could be more than usual forgetfulness and indicate dementia. Below is how you can differentiate between normal age-related memory problems and dementia in seniors. This way, you can make sure that your loved one gets the right type of care services in the assisted living facility. Memory Loss Symptoms in Seniors Poor memory due to aging is not that serious and not a cause of concern at all. The typical memory-loss symptoms in seniors include transience and absent-mindedness. According to Harvard Medical School, these two conditions are common signs of aging. Transience refers to a condition where seniors cannot remember old things due to decreased accessibility of memory. Studies say that this is the brain’s unique mechanism to remove old memories so that there can be enough space for new ones. Absent-mindedness, on the other hand, refers to a condition where seniors start showing inattentive or forgetful behavior. This happens due to the reduced focus of the brain, which is a common side effect of aging. There could be many other factors too, which cause absent-mindedness in seniors, such as boredom, sleepiness, or focusing on personal thoughts instead of paying attention to the external surroundings. The National Institute on Aging says that there could be many health conditions as well, which lead to memory loss […]

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Everything you Need to Know about Heart Health in Seniors

Heart attacks, strokes, coronary heart diseases, and other kinds of heart-related problems are more common in seniors than in younger people. The National Institute on Aging of the US Department of Health and Human Services says that heart diseases are one of the major causes of death in the country. If not fatal, heart problems in seniors often lead to disability and take a toll on their overall quality of life. That is why it is very important to educate a senior about maintaining good heart health. The Common Aging-Related Heart Problems Seniors experience many changes in their bodies due to aging, and this includes their heart and blood vessels too. For instance, their heart becomes unable to beat as fast as it did when they were younger, especially during physical activity or when under stress. This limits the flow of blood and oxygen to the body parts, which further leads to many health complications. Below are some of the most common heart issues that are associated with aging. Arteriosclerosis: Aging causes hardening or stiffness of the large arteries, leading to high blood pressure or hypertension. This can be very serious if fatty deposits start building up inside or on the walls of the arteries. Atherosclerosis: Increased blood pressure due to aging can elevate the risk of developing atherosclerosis. This condition refers to the accumulation of fats, cholesterol, and other substances in and around the artery walls. This hardens and narrows the arteries, leading to a limited oxygen-rich blood supply […]

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